Dublin – The Capital of Ireland

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Dublin city is famous for having very long nights during all its season, the red hues the sky gets in the evening is the favorite tourists things. Dublin is famous for its diversion in Temples and the city has a lot to offer culturally, being the capital city it hosts all sorts of attractions for its locale and the tourists, both. Many festivals are held here and are the most famous city for hosting large scale events. You will get hold of at least one celebration in your traveling time, there happens to be a lot of it. Here are some recommendations from me.

Grafton Street

This street is right down from Trinity College and the most famous street you can stroll down through. This is the most exclusive location for both its locals and tourists when it comes to shopping. At the bottom of the street is a statue of Molly Malone, it is a premier. This street is also known as electric buzz and runs wild in the night through all those neon lights and bumping music. You will find a variety of shopping materials from here, starting from very cheap to the most exotic ones. It also hosts the most famous café named the townhouse café which is very famous for its blueberry croissants.

Phoenix Park and Dublin Zoo

Being the kind of capital city that has so much to offer you, this park is the most favorite leisure and picnic spot in Dublin. This is the largest park around Europe, which is habitably enclosed. It spreads in about 1750 acres occupying the major city of Dublin. The park is most famous for the variations in its deer collection. There are more than a hundred species present in the park. The park houses a visitor’s center, where the picnic is help and also houses one of the biggest fountains for photography.

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