Dingle – The Peninsular City

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The town as the tourists say is very majestic and mysterious. The town is situated in Western Europe. The coastline of the city is very rocky and is covered by km and km of beaches around it. It is very close to the cold Atlantic Ocean. The culture of this city is very rich and it’s very natural. The history here is rarely explored leaving it gold for its visitors. Dingle city is the origination point for all hiking trails famous around Ireland. The streets around here are picturesque and colorful. Here are the places you must visit.

The Beehive Huts

The beehive huts are pretty conical and are numbered more than a hundred thousand, spread across the west past Ventry. The huts were once the homes for several local families and old monks. These are very famous as only the old aged stones were used in making of the huts. Even in hardest of storms or rains these huts have remained intact and never inched from their original architecture. It has no mortar that holds it together, which when you take the tour can see for yourself and be highly fascinated.

Dingly Whiskey Distillery

This city is famous for the house produced beer, Guinness. Once when you’re traveling through the emerald isle then this one distillery is a must visit. Though the number of distilleries in Ireland has vanished very hastily, this one has remained the most popular for creating exquisite whiskey. This one is relatively a very small operating industry but a blooming one. You can take the tour of this distillery and see the process; they also offer sampling tastings. If it is a rainy day you are stuck in with nothing else to do, head here. And rainy days in dingle are very common.

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