Gold Coast – A Seaside Paradise

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Gold Coast is a metropolitan city located on the eastern coast of Australia. As the name suggests, the city has some amazing coastal areas accredited to its beautiful sandy beaches and inland waterways. Surfing is one of the top tourist activities in this region. Besides surfing, the place offers lots of entertainment options like theme parks, hiking trails, rainforests, and wildlife destinations. Gold Coast holiday was one of the most enjoyable phases of my Australian tour. Read on to learn about the best spots in this seaside city.

Sea World

Sea World is a theme park popular for its marine park oceanarium. The place has some amazing rides, marine exhibits, animal exhibits, and a food court that serves great refreshments for the visitors. We bought a single day pass that cost us 79 AUD per person. The tickets allowed us to visit Paradise Country, Wet n Wild, and the Movie World. Even though it was expensive, the package was worth the entertainment involved.  It is a great place for family holidays and kids thoroughly enjoy the visit.

Coolangatta Beach

Coolangatta Beach is often described as a magical place by tourists who visit the site.  The water is crystal green and highly safe for surfing and other water sports. The long beach offers lots of recreational facilities like coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and street food centers. A good part of our evening was spent on this beach and the experience was profoundly relaxing.

Sky-Point Observation Deck

Located on Hamilton Avenue the Sky-Point Observation Deck is a popular spot in the city that attracts thousands of visitors every week.  Located on the 77th and 78th floors, the observatory deck offers a breathtaking view of the Gold Coast Skyline and beyond.  During the night, the views are even more stunning. The entry fee was 18 AUD for per adult.

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