Dublin – The Capital of Ireland

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Dublin city is famous for having very long nights during all its season, the red hues the sky gets in the evening is the favorite tourists things. Dublin is famous for its diversion in Temples and the city has a lot to offer culturally, being the capital city it hosts all sorts of attractions for its locale and the tourists, both. Many festivals are held here and are the most famous city for hosting large scale events. You will get hold of at least one celebration in your traveling time, there happens to be a lot of it. Here are some recommendations from me.

Grafton Street

This street is right down from Trinity College and the most famous street you can stroll down through. This is the most exclusive location for both its locals and tourists when it comes to shopping. At the bottom of the street is a statue of Molly Malone, it is a premier. This street is also known as electric buzz and runs wild in the night through all those neon lights and bumping music. You will find a variety of shopping materials from here, starting from very cheap to the most exotic ones. It also hosts the most famous café named the townhouse café which is very famous for its blueberry croissants.

Phoenix Park and Dublin Zoo

Being the kind of capital city that has so much to offer you, this park is the most favorite leisure and picnic spot in Dublin. This is the largest park around Europe, which is habitably enclosed. It spreads in about 1750 acres occupying the major city of Dublin. The park is most famous for the variations in its deer collection. There are more than a hundred species present in the park. The park houses a visitor’s center, where the picnic is help and also houses one of the biggest fountains for photography.

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Dingle – The Peninsular City

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The town as the tourists say is very majestic and mysterious. The town is situated in Western Europe. The coastline of the city is very rocky and is covered by km and km of beaches around it. It is very close to the cold Atlantic Ocean. The culture of this city is very rich and it’s very natural. The history here is rarely explored leaving it gold for its visitors. Dingle city is the origination point for all hiking trails famous around Ireland. The streets around here are picturesque and colorful. Here are the places you must visit.

The Beehive Huts

The beehive huts are pretty conical and are numbered more than a hundred thousand, spread across the west past Ventry. The huts were once the homes for several local families and old monks. These are very famous as only the old aged stones were used in making of the huts. Even in hardest of storms or rains these huts have remained intact and never inched from their original architecture. It has no mortar that holds it together, which when you take the tour can see for yourself and be highly fascinated.

Dingly Whiskey Distillery

This city is famous for the house produced beer, Guinness. Once when you’re traveling through the emerald isle then this one distillery is a must visit. Though the number of distilleries in Ireland has vanished very hastily, this one has remained the most popular for creating exquisite whiskey. This one is relatively a very small operating industry but a blooming one. You can take the tour of this distillery and see the process; they also offer sampling tastings. If it is a rainy day you are stuck in with nothing else to do, head here. And rainy days in dingle are very common.

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Gold Coast – A Seaside Paradise

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Gold Coast is a metropolitan city located on the eastern coast of Australia. As the name suggests, the city has some amazing coastal areas accredited to its beautiful sandy beaches and inland waterways. Surfing is one of the top tourist activities in this region. Besides surfing, the place offers lots of entertainment options like theme parks, hiking trails, rainforests, and wildlife destinations. Gold Coast holiday was one of the most enjoyable phases of my Australian tour. Read on to learn about the best spots in this seaside city.

Sea World

Sea World is a theme park popular for its marine park oceanarium. The place has some amazing rides, marine exhibits, animal exhibits, and a food court that serves great refreshments for the visitors. We bought a single day pass that cost us 79 AUD per person. The tickets allowed us to visit Paradise Country, Wet n Wild, and the Movie World. Even though it was expensive, the package was worth the entertainment involved.  It is a great place for family holidays and kids thoroughly enjoy the visit.

Coolangatta Beach

Coolangatta Beach is often described as a magical place by tourists who visit the site.  The water is crystal green and highly safe for surfing and other water sports. The long beach offers lots of recreational facilities like coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and street food centers. A good part of our evening was spent on this beach and the experience was profoundly relaxing.

Sky-Point Observation Deck

Located on Hamilton Avenue the Sky-Point Observation Deck is a popular spot in the city that attracts thousands of visitors every week.  Located on the 77th and 78th floors, the observatory deck offers a breathtaking view of the Gold Coast Skyline and beyond.  During the night, the views are even more stunning. The entry fee was 18 AUD for per adult.

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Darwin – A Beautiful Waterfront City

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Darwin is a beautiful Australian city located in its Northern Territory.  During the colonial times, the city served as a frontier outpost that prevented the entry of invaders. Today it is the capital city of Northern Territory and is well known for its beaches and nature reserves that attract thousands of tourists from different parts of the continent. I had a great weekend in the city along with my family. Listed below are the three major attractions of Darwin that can definitely make a difference.

Museum and Art Gallery

Located in Fannie Bay, the Museum and Art Gallery is a major tourist spot in Darwin suburb. Established in 1981, the place is known for its art and cultural exhibits.  It has a collection of over 30,000 artifacts. Here you can see the well-preserved body of a notorious crocodile named Sweetheart that used to attack boats. I would definitely recommend this place if you are interested in art and culture.  The place allows free admissions and the parking is also free.

Mindil Beach

Your Darwin tour cannot be complete without paying a visit to this amazing beach destination. Mindil Beach lies close to the city’s central business district.  We had a great time shopping at the Sunset Market which is a major feature of the beach. Note that the market runs only for few months during the Dry season. At the time of sunset, lots of people visit the beach to enjoy the unforgettable sight. Note that, owing to crocodiles and jellyfishes, tourists often avoid the idea of swimming.

Crocosaurus Cove

Crocosaurus Cove is known for its collection of crocodiles. The visitors are allowed to see crocodiles and even feed them. The process is popularly known as”the cage of death”. The place is recognized for its largest collection of reptiles and animals like turtles.  Besides watching the crocodiles, the tour also helped us in understanding their breeding process and various stages of life.

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